Writing emails. Did you just get a shiver up your spine? #IGetYou

They’re important. They can make bank for your business. They can convert leads into dough.  

Or they can suck up all your time and not get you one dang sale. < That? Never. Again.  

These 101 Email Done-For-You Email Templates for every scenario are the time-saving, conversion-creating gold mine you’ve been waiting for.  

Promoting a live event? Doing a challenge? Running a launch? You’re covered.  

The sequences are done. The emails are written. They’re just waiting for YOU to turn them into a money generating machine.  

This is how easy it is:  

Step 1: Copy the pre-done need-specific templates and tweak the content to personalize it. Make it YOU and be your authentic self to attract the clients that you’re definitely going to vibe with.   

Step 2: Paste them into your autoresponder and #BOOM. That’s it.   The best way to generate a sale is by directly pitching your offer. These templates will help you do just that with way less effort.   Ummmm, yes please.


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    [DFU] 101 Done-For-You Email Templates
    • Start Here: 101 Done-For-You Email Templates
    • 11 X Content Based Promotional Email Templates
    • 10 X Promotional Email Templates
    • 5 X Part New Subscriber Welcome Email Series
    • 5 X Online Event (Webinar/Masterclass/Training) Invite Emails
    • 10 X Content Promo/Awareness Emails
    • 5 X Survey/Feedback Request Emails
    • 5 X Part Lead to Conversion Emails
    • 5 X Client or Lead Engagement Emails
    • 5 X Cold List Re-Engagement Emails
    • 6 X ‘Special-Offer’ Promotion Emails
    • 6 X Emails That Tap Into Emotional Triggers of Your Client/Lead
    • 5 X Promote & Invite To Facebook Community Email Templates
    • 5 X Watch the Replay Emails
    • 8 X Flash Sale Emails
    • 5 X Social Proof Emails
    • 5 X Rapport Building Emails


  • 11 Content Based Promotional Email Templates -  The content in these emails helps solve part of a problem, while the product you’re promoting solves the rest of their problem. Build relationships and generate sales using these email templates.

  • 10 Promotional Email Templates -  Use these email templates to pitch your offer to your warm audience the right way (Read as: Non-salesy and leading with value).

  • 5 Part New Email Subscriber Welcome Email Series - Warm up those new leads on your list to know, like, and trust you so they’re primed for promo emails.

  • 5 Online Event Invite Emails (Webinar/Masterclass/Training) - Online events are great ways to show off your expertise, interact with your audience, and encourage people to buy your programs. Use these templates to get more attendees at yours. 

  • 10 Content Promo / Awareness Email Templates -  You can promote some of your best content using these templates. You’ll build brand awareness and authority, priming people to want to buy from you.

  • 5 Survey / Feedback Request Email Templates - Improve your programs, create better marketing, and more using these templates to get audience feedback.

  • 5 Part Lead To Conversion Series - Get leads interested in your services and directly sell to them without the constant ‘pushy pitch’ tactics with these templates.

  • 5 Client/Lead Engagement Emails -  Get clients and leads on your list engaging with you through actionable steps that set you apart as an industry leader.

  • 5 Cold List Re-Engagement Email Series  - This re-engagement sequence can help you warm up your list and get them clicking on your links again.

  • 6 “Special-Offer” Emails  - Nothing creates conversions, excitement, and gets people to buy like offering a special promotion for a limited time or number of people. Use these email templates to get people buying your programs with ‘special-offer’ urgency.

  • 6 Email Templates that will Tap into the Emotional Triggers of Your Clients/Leads - Use emotional triggers to inspire action in your audience. Nothing hooks them more than feeling like ‘Are they reading my mind?!’ -- That’s what this email sequence is all about. 

  • 5 Promote & Invite To Facebook Community Email Templates -  Ready to grow that group? Use these email templates to get more people joining your Facebook community from your email list. 

  • 5 Watch the Replay Email Templates -  Incentivize people on your list to watch your webinar or livestream, even after the event is over.